Our Mission



CliChaé Beauty Co. thrives to make every woman feel her best self. Cliché, right? While CliChaé Beauty Co. makes an introduction into the beauty industry, our mission is to reach women globally. Makeup is universal and has connected women on so many different levels. Our CEO, Chamera Chanel shares the moment which she knew her gift as a makeup artist wasn’t an art, it was personal because it was a story behind each face.


One of these stories have inspired the first CliChaé Beauty Co. experience. 17-year-old Patricia Johnson, soon to be high school graduate, weeks away from prom, and little cousin to our CEO, battled cancer her senior year of high school. While at St. Judes Childrens Hospital in Chicago, Chamera made a visit to give her the ultimate experience that would make her feel beautiful no matter her circumstances. 


“I didn’t know how impactful that moment would be for me, I got in my car and I cried, I just broke down. I couldn’t understand what I felt until she passed away. My peace came from how I remembered her; how beautiful I made her feel! That’s an amazing feeling.”


Here at Clichaé Beauty Co. we want to create an experience with every product, every launch, and every collection we drop. Every collection will make a bold statement, that statement is “We are breaking down the walls to all things beauty!”